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Making Xero the hero for your small business accounting


Today I had the pleasure of attending the Xero Roadshow and learning even more about this great new cloud based accounting solution, Xero's slogan is "beautiful accounting software" and they have certainly hit the nail on the head there!

We at m.a.s accountants - the orginal accounting office for small business - have always been willing to accept and engage change where it benefits our clients, and the shift to cloud based technology is certainly one we are embracing at the moment. Many of our clients have already made the move across from other accounting platforms to Xero and are now reaping the benefits of Xero's flexibility, simplicity and other advantages that older style accounting platforms simply don't provide. If you're not yet on board as a small business operator, then I expect that you soon will be!

Whether or not this cloud based technology is something that will benefit you and your small business and its accounting requirements is something that will only come from discussing the matter with your small business accountant.

However, the lesson to be taken from the rise of Xero, and their infectious enthusiasm, amongst the accounting and bookkeeping profession, is that change must be embraced and not avoided. More often than not it's those that take the brave step of changing first that ultimately benefit the most. Better yet, create your own future, the way you want it to work, not the way other businesses tell you it's supposed to work.

So, as a small business owner, ask yourself the question, "What changes can I embrace today, in any facet of my business, to create growth for the long term?" Don't look for excuses and reasons to stay put and hold the middle ground, instead turn it around and look for opportunities to soar above the pack.

As mas are xero accountants do not hesistate to ask us any questions you may have about cloud based accounting.