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4 Accounting trends for 2017, by small business accountants in Melbourne

Accounting has done well over the past few years, with technology evolving and developing, so has our industry. Our small business accountants in Melbourne will tell you what the top 4 accounting trends for 2017 are.

Our business accountants in Melbourne will tell you all about the top 4 accounting trends:

1. Cloud Accounting – Almost everything is online today and almost every small business is in the cloud already. The cloud today is increasingly getting more popular and its ease of use has made it possible for anyone to pick up. The cloud allows for you and your clients to connect with the click of a button
2. Automation – New accounting software such as Xero, which is what our small business accountants in Melbourne’s CBD specialise in, allows for a quick and precise flow with their work
3. Social media strategy – Is where they create an online presence for their audience to get more knowledgeable and this also helps present their business as reputable
4. Collaborative Accounting – This may not be a new term, but is used to explain how a business accountant and their client can work harmoniously and instantaneously from any location

While the trends may not be extremely new, they are shaping accounting for the year and is a way for your small business to interact with our small business accountants in Melbourne.