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4 reasons why start-up businesses need an accountant, by small business accountants in Sydney

When most small businesses first start up, an accountant isn’t something that they think of hiring. This is due to the mentality of their business being to small or an accountant being a waste of money at this stage. But after some research it was found that businesses that started up with an accountant by their side, had a higher success rating. Our small business accountants in Sydney will tell you why start up businesses need an accountant.

Our 4 reasons to hire a business accountant include:

1. You’re going to be busy – by busy, we don’t just mean a little bit but very busy! You’ll probably be your only employee when you first start, so finding the time to be and do everything for your business can be extremely difficult and keeping your books up to date are the most important
2. Taxes and new business owners don’t mix well – most small business owners don’t know much about personal taxes, let alone business taxes. They can be very tricky and one mistake can cause you a lot of money
3. Accountants aren’t just there to file your taxes – this is something a lot of people mistake accountants for, but their expertise and experience in a range of fields gives them the opportunity to help navigate your business in the right direction
4. Accountants make growth easier – most small business owners don’t know when they can expand or grow, that is why an accountant is an invaluable asset to a business when trying to accomplish this. Your small business accountant has all the information you need to grow and flourish in any industry

If you’re just a start up business, don’t be afraid to contact our small business accountants in Sydney for the help and don’t forget that we are just one call away!