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Tips to avoid tax scam, by small business accountants in Melbourne

Tax time is scary for many small businesses, so it important to be prepared with all of the information that you will need to avoid any complications that you may face. That is why our small business accountants in Melbourne will give you some tips on how to avoid tax scam. Avoiding this type of scam for your business can potentially be one of the most important, so here are our business accountants in Melbourne and there tips:

• Avoid fraud emails

o Check for grammatical errors, salutation errors, avoid any email address that that does not end in “”

• Avoid fraud phone calls

o They normally use threats and demand payments immediately
o Demand payment over the phone
o Act aggressively

If you are victim of fraud, here is what the scammers will do with your information so that you are aware:

• Access your bank accounts
• Take out loans in your name
• Lodge false tax returns
• Claim your benefits

So we want you to be prepared for the worst case possible, as always feel free to contact our small business accountants in Melbourne with any enquires that you may have.