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How to improve your cybersecurity by your small business accountants in Sydney

Many small businesses don’t think that they are at risk to cybersecurity attacks, but did you know that businesses of all sizes have the ability to be a victim of this. Our small business accountants in Sydney read a report from the Better Business Bureau which estimated that small businesses affected by a cyber security attack had a loss of $80,000.00 annually.

Without the proper protection your business could be at risk of that loss as well – below are some tips on cybersecurity your business accountant should be telling you about:

• Ensure that complex and regularly changed passwords are implemented across the business
• Install the latest antivirus and antimalware protection
• Implement spam filters to get rid of virus emails
• Use selective Wi-Fi permissions, this way your employees can’t go to malware infected sites
• Make sure all your data is stored on a secure back-up drive as well
• Patch and update your software constantly

Cybersecurity is a serious component for a business of any size and shouldn’t be taken lightly. As small business accountants in Zetland, we have seen too many businesses affected by the lack of security for their business. We want you to be prepared for any type of attack or hack on your business, which is why constantly updating and monitoring your security is essential.

Feel free to get in contact with our small business accountants in Sydney if you have any questions!