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Your small business accountant in Sydney identifies key ways to get your customers to pay on time

Running a small business often means that you will be splitting your time between the things you love doing and the things you don’t, one of the most dreaded tasks from most business owners is chasing customers for late payments. As your small business accountants in Sydney, it is our job to help get customers to pay their invoices on time.

No one wants to go through that awkward conversation with a customer, whereby you are asking for money or payment. Our business accountant has come up with a few key ways to ensure your customers will pay on time:

• Make sure that you set terms and expectations from the start of your contract or liaison with the customer
• Send out your invoices as early as possible to ensure that payment is made on time
• Make it easy for your customers to pay you! Providing customers with a wide range of payment options is crucial
• Communication is key, don’t be afraid to talk to your customers about why they are not able to pay you on time
• Sending out regular payment reminders is important to make sure payment is made on time

If none of the above helps you in the slightest way, then our small business accountant in Zetland can help you through the process in setting up the appropriate invoicing system. Our recommended software for this is Xero!

Feel free to get in contact with our small business accountants in Sydney if you have any questions.