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7 steps to meeting your GST and BAS guidelines, by your small business accountant in Sydney

It is essential for every small business to meet and surpass their GST and BAS guidelines. Our small business accountants in Sydney have formulated 7 steps in order for you to meet all of the requirements.

Business accounting is a critical component for any owner and here are our small business accountants 7 steps to meeting all the GST and BAS guidelines:

• You’ll need to be charging GST on your sales and showing it on your tax invoices
• Did you know that you are entitled to a rebate on expenses for the business, especially if the amount spent exceeds the sales you made
• Collect tax invoices for all of the purchases made
• Be sure to keep your tax invoices
• Save up for BAS time, this way every quarter you have enough money to meet tax requirements
• Now you need to decide if you want professional help for your business

As your business grows, it becomes more dependent on professional help. Don’t forget that our small business accounting firm in Zetland is here to help you grow.

Feel free to get in contact with our small business accountants in Sydney with any enquiries that you may have.