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Smart money moves for the start of year, by our small business accountant in Melbourne

Now that the holiday season is over, no one really wants to go back and see what damage was caused to our finances but it is essential for monitoring your overall cash flow. Which is why our small business accountant in Melbourne wants to tell you about 3 smart money moves for the start of the year.

Now that we’ve all had our break, it is time to get our Melbourne small business accountants to assist with mending our bank accounts and here is how:

• Access your holiday spending, accumulate all of the costs and then compare it to the budget that you should have set yourself last year. If you are under the budget then you did well, but it you aren’t then there is no need to stress as you now have a budget for this Christmas
• Makes sure your monthly statements are in order for the past 2 months, while there may have not been as much work, it is still essential for you to document any business finances
• With the new year should come new goals and your business accountant in Melbourne can assist with you with the process

As you can see, our small business accountants in Southbank have working hard in order to make sure our clients accounts and statements are still in order.

If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our small business accountant in Melbourne.