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Our small business accountant in Melbourne explains how to avoid credit card fraud

Ensuring that your business is virus and scam free is essential if you want to grow and avoid any complications in the future. So our small business accountants in Melbourne want to talk you on how to avoid credit card fraud.

With a lot of businesses going online, credit card fraud is a real threat in today’s environment and should be taken seriously. Here are some precautions that our accountants for small business in Southbank want you to follow:

• Be sure to run a system check for any virus on your computer
• If you think you’ve misplaced your card, be sure to lock it as soon as possible
• Keep up to date with the latest scams that have been occurring
• Always report any unauthorised transactions
• Never give out any of your pin numbers and don’t make them easy
• Be sure to dispose of and destroy any documents that contains your personal information on them

Avoiding this type of fraud is easily done if handled correctly, our Melbourne small business accountants hope that you look after your financial health and protect your information.

As always, feel free to get in contact with our small business accountants in Melbourne if you have any enquiries or you can check out our services here.