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Tax tips for tradesmen and construction workers by accountants for small business in Melbourne

Our accountants for small business in Melbourne recommend that all tradesmen and construction workers keep a record book of receipts to keep track of work expenses. These expenses can be used in your tax refund to minimise your tax payments.

As a tradesman, our small business accountants in Melbourne understand that a lot of travel can be included in your job description. Travelling to the job site, back to the main office, and to another job site are just examples of the daily travel you may come across. Therefore, you can claim vehicle expenses from home to work if you take large items such as tools and heavy equipment with you. This is only if you have no secure storage location available on site. It is also important to remember that you can’t claim travel expenses if you travel before or after business hours.

Aside from travel, our Melbourne small business accountants want you to be aware of the other expenses that you can claim in your tax return. These include:
- Sunglasses and sun cream, if you work outside and they aren’t used as a fashion accessory
- Protective clothing
- Tools (costing under $300 can be claimed immediately)
- Union fees
- Vet expenses

For more information regarding tax deductible items, please contact our accountants for small business in Melbourne today!