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The difference between a CPA and an Accountant, explained by our small business accountants in Sydney

When people think of or hear the two terms side by side, a lot would think of it as being the same thing. Yet there are key differences between the two ‘professions’ or ‘titles’ and our small business accountants in Sydney will take you through the differences.

Generally one other thing that you should be aware of is that a lot of CPA’s will operate under a business accounting firm, yet here are the main differences:


• Tend to have a focused based learning regarding their qualifications
• Must pass the uniform Certified Public Accountant exam
• Must lodge and complete a set number of hours and experience prior to becoming a CPA
• Can offer certain tax services that only a licensed CPA can complete, such as audits


• Have a more diverse educational background, which does include general business degrees
• Do not need to pass the CPA exam to provide financial services
• Cannot represent your business in front of the IRS for an audit

As you can see their services can be quite different, yet a key factor for people is the pricing difference that is offered. As a small business you can save yourself a lot of money by just using a business accountant in Sydney rather than a CPA who charges a lot more.

As always, feel free to get in contact with our small business accountants in Sydney with any questions that you may have or you can check out our services here.