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The different types of accounting jobs explained by our small business accountants in Southbank

With a degree in accounting, you can choose from several types of professional careers with different kinds of companies. Our small business accountants in Southbank believe that you need to be honest, organised, dependable and a good communicator when working as an accountant. Being good at maths is only half the job, as you also need to have the ability to be able to manage clients. A few jobs that require accounting skills are:

As an auditor, you will analyse companies’ financial statements to meet state and federal regulations. Our small business accounting services in Melbourne require auditors to make sure that business assets, bank balances, expenses, income and ledgers all add up correctly.

Budget Analyst
Our business accountants in Melbourne help clients create and implement a business budget on a daily basis. It is important as a budget analyst that you have a good understanding of your client’s business environment, so the correct expense decisions can be made to ensure future growth of the business.

Staff Accountant
Working for corporations, government agencies, large accounting firms, or non for profit organisations are all examples of the job opportunities available for staff accountants. Your duties may include preparing taxes, quarterly reports and financial statements.

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