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Interesting accounting truths by our small business accountants in Melbourne

Many people don’t realise that accounting has a long and dated history, with influencers in many different industries in society. Our small business accountants in Melbourne want to share some interesting accounting truths that we are sure you’ve never heard of before!

Business accounting in Melbourne is a task that requires intelligent individuals and complex accounting software programs. However, in ancient times, before a numbering system was developed, ancient accountants used clay tokens to keep track of animals and grains. Fast track forward many years, to 1896 to be exact, in which the state of New York gave its first certified public accountant examination.

With many females working in Melbourne as small business accountants, it is important to recognise that the first female CPA in the U.S. was Christine Ross, who’s clients in 1899 consisted of wealthy women and people working in the business and fashion industries.

A well known figure to most of society in the early 1900’s was Chicago crime boss Al Capone. Capone was arrested and convicted for income tax evasion, however did you know that he was actually brought down by a team of FBI accountants?

Yes, you can see how income tax evasion and a team of FBI accountants are related, however it’s tough to find the connection between this next fact; bubble gum was invented in 1928 by Walter Diemer, an accountant!

We hope you enjoyed these interesting accounting facts and be sure to get in contact with our small business accountants in Melbourne today!