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Our small business accountants in Sydney talk about how technology has changed accounting

The vast change to accounting has actually come into play quite quick and is one of the most fast changing and adapting industries. Our small business accountants in Sydney want to take you through some of the major changes that have occurred in the past decades in our industry.

Most people wouldn’t pick accounting to be within one of the most rapidly adapting industries when it comes to technology, but they have taken it by the reigns. Our business accountants will take you through some ways in which technology has impacted accounting:

• It has changed the whole look of accounting
• Technology has now also reduced the amount of errors that are possible when it comes to accounting
• Technology allowed for cloud accounting to now be a common thing amongst businesses
• Has given the security and peace of mind to business owners that their data is now a lot safer
• Has also changed the role of an accountant, previously you needed to be mathematician, while you still need a lot of those sills now you need to take into consideration your people skills

It is important as a small business accountant to consider how much your industry has changed and how it has impacted the processors for every business. We believe that it is crucial for every business and industry to stay up to date within its industry.

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