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How to build your business credit profile, by your small business accountants in Sydney

Improving on your business credit profile is crucial especially if you are looking at getting loans or larger investments to help your business grow. As your small business accountants in Sydney, we have a few tips on how to build your business credit profile.

The key to having a good credit score for a business is to start building it from day one, so if you are looking at applying for a loan soon then pay attention to what our business accountant has to say:

• Make sure to check that your business profile and credit profile are error free from day one, going back and removing any mistakes or black marks is the first step
• Be sure to separate any personal and business credit
• Establish trade accounts with your suppliers to display that you have the funds and records to back up any loan you will be applying for
• Be sure to pay your creditors on time or early, this will improve your overall score
• Make sure your public records are clean

Some of the key benefits from following these tips is improving your overall business credit score, earn you lower interest rates and also improve the rate at which your loan will be approved. As business accountants in Zetland, we have made sure that many small businesses and their credit scores are on track!

Feel free to get in contact with our small business accountants in Sydney if you have any questions or you can check out our services here!