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Understanding Capital Gains Tax with your Small Business Accountant in Sydney

The Australian taxation laws are constantly evolving, and with legislation potentially affecting your business in the way of asset protection and tax minimisation, a small business accountant is the security your business needs in these times.

We can assist you with any or all your small business accounting requirements and this includes understanding Capital Gains Tax, which is essentially a tax you are to pay when you sell personal assets (which may still affect your business) and make a profit. We dedicate ourselves to helping you understand what percentage you will pay should you sell an asset and how you can minimise what you owe with deductions.

We know that managing the financial side of your business may not be your strength, but it doesn’t mean you can’t run a successful business. You just need to enlist a small business accountant in Sydney, like M.A.S Partners. We can help you navigate your taxes, cashflow, payroll and more.