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Your small business accountant Sydney introduces Client Loyalty Program Thx

As your small business accountant in Sydney, were always looking for ways to provide value to the client experience here at M.A.S Partners.

As a result, we’re proud to introduce to our clients our client Loyalty Program, Thx.

Thx will offer our clients a range of value-add, complimentary services to assist in the day to day running and growth opportunities of our client’s business.

Our range of complimentary services includes:

• Complimentary use of our meeting room and state of the art boardroom in our Zetland offices for product launches, team planning days, client meetings and presentations along with the use of general office amenities
• Complimentary use of workstations
• Complimentary use of an office
• Complimentary Hi Speed Wi-Fi
• Complimentary access to the world’s leading newspapers and magazines through PressReader
• Complimentary Charging Stations
• Complimentary consultations with our Senior Partners

Given that our clients are a large part of our 55 year heritage, we believe the Thx program adds that extra spark to our appreciation and commitment to this community. In always trying to provide our clients with ongoing value as part our esteemed small business service, the Thx program is a significant step in looking after our clients, their business as well as opening up opportunities for further success.