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Your small business accountant in Melbourne talks about chasing debtors with Chaser

One of the biggest issues facing small businesses in Australia is cashflow. Generally, cashflow is a problem because your debtors are slow in paying. That’s where Chaser can help.

As your small business accountant in Melbourne, we use Xero as your accounting software. We’re finding that Chaser and Xero work really well together.

Users are using Chaser to transform their credit control. With Chaser, small businesses are spending a minute in chasing debtors versus what would previously have taken them an hour.

Chaser is allowing for automated, personalised money chasing, providing small businesses insights so that they can better decide which customers to grant credit to and how best to chase up customers to pay their invoices.

Chaser provides customised Templates using placeholders, automatically attaches invoices, creates schedules for chasing at specific times based on due dates, thank you’s for those that have paid as well as many more features.

By working within Xero, Chaser and Xero work perfectly together, creating a market changing way to chase money! So, if you need your small business accountant in Melbourne to help you chase money, get in touch today.