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Changing your Sydney small business accountant

There’s never a good time of year when you’re considering changing your small business accountant. Re-assessing the relationship you have with your accountant is something that not many take the time to do, but as an experienced small business accountant in Sydney, it’s something you should take seriously.

The transition from one accountant to another shouldn’t be painful for either party. The key to the move is transparency, honesty and providing the necessary information to your new small business accountant.

Any outstanding work will be performed by the new accountant, so it’s important to provide an update to the new small business accountant in Sydney where things are up to. Hopefully, your old accountant can provide some clarity on this to you and your new accountant.

You can generally find your new accountant either through internet searches or through referrals, but either way, be armed with what you want the new accountant to achieve for you, and be clear on why you’re changing from one to another.

Setting up goals and objectives for your business provides some great points of discussion with your new accountant and gives the new relationship the best opportunity of success.