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Your Sydney small business accountant reviews the importance of revenue and sales goals

We spoke in our last article about setting goals for you and your money, goals that are realistic, challenging but achievable. The importance of small changes when it comes to your money habits can create great big change before you know it.

It’s always a good time to sit back and reflect on the goals you’ve set yourself and your business. As your small business accountant in Sydney, it’s something we spend a lot of time on with our clients.

Whether the goals are revenue targets or some other measure, without reviewing them and seeing how close you came to achieving them are a great measure for setting the next lot of goals. What can we do this year that we didn’t do last year? What can we do more of that helped us achieve our goals last year?

As your Sydney small business accountant, we take the time to review budgets and goals set with our clients, and make recommendations where possible to introduce steps for improvement for the year ahead. Reviewing, assessing and changing is key to success.

If you’re not happy with your existing small business accountant, take the reins of your money and speak with us today.