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Your small business accountant Sydney and the importance of money management

The beginning of the year is a great time to start thinking about your finances and kickstarting a fresh start when it comes to your money. With resolutions always a talking point, let’s turn them from resolutions to actionable items.

As your Sydney small business accountant, let’s have a discussion around budgeting and how to best look after your money.

Let’s first set some goals. As your Sydney small business accountant, without business goals you are nowhere. Where are you and your business heading without goals, personal and business? It’s a great way to stay motivated… but make them realistic. It’s amazing how small changes in your money management can have positive compounded changes later.

Take a look at where you spend your money. As your Sydney small business accountant, we know that with online banking and now neo-banks, it’s easier than ever to see where you spend your money. Smashed avo, exquisite dinners and pub nights out. Money management is not about killing your social life, it’s more about understanding where you spend. Once you know where you spend, it’s amazing how much more you think about that next purchase of Nike’s.

So just understanding what your goals are and where you actually spend your money, whether personal or business, are 2 key ingredients in making 2020 a great year for your money.