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Sole Trader

As a small business, the simplest and easiest entity to establish is the sole trader. After all, it's just you and there's no doubt that you already exist! In a nutshell, a sole trader is just you as an individual trading in your own personal name. Whilst its simplicity can be inviting, I would warn against going down this path for all but the smallest of home businesses.


  • Simple to establish with little time required to get started.
  • Full control is retained by yourself, as you are the business.
  • All profits of the business are received by you, in your name.
  • You can stop, sell or change the business anytime with little notice required.


  • As the sole trader you have unlimited liability for debts the business may incur.
  • As the sole trader you have unlimited exposure to liability for such matters as employee negligence.
  • Continuity of the business is dependent on you, your health and your ability to devote time to the business.
  • Adding additional partners, associates or investors can be difficult.
  • The ability to divest income to other taxpayers and possibly reduce income tax liabilities is not available.
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