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Five reasons you need a small business accountant

I recently came across a discussion on a small business forum whereby one particular small business owner had asked the question, “Why do I need an accountant?” Now this business owner may be quite proficient at keeping his own books, lodging BAS forms and even filling in tax returns. However, as a tax accountant in Surry Hills I can guarantee that is not why he went into business in the first place. Of course I am biased and disagree with this approach and not just because I am an accountant that takes care of small businesses on a daily basis. It's the years of experience of seeing the grief and anguish caused by business owners trying to do it all on their own, or believing that they simply can’t afford to outsource the financial administration of their business, and falling behind or getting it all wrong!

Here are five great reasons why utilising the skills and experience of an accountant can benefit your small business and should not be seen as an evil expense, but rather a necessary resource.

1. Tax laws are always changing, and more frequently it seems. Keeping up with these changes to maximise opportunities and keep within the law is a full time job on its own. Don't let this distract you from running your business. Let us do the research.

2. Accountants are honest! Sometimes friends and family members, when asked for advice, may sugar coat matters to keep you happy and not give you the true picture. A good accountant will be forthright and honest in their appraisal of your business affairs, whether you want to hear it or not.

3. Saving money and minimising your tax is great, but the real opportunity in partnering with a great accountant is that they will actually help you to grow your business and generate long term wealth.

4. Accountants are no longer just bean counters. Getting involved in all aspects of a clients business from marketing, and human resources is integral to being able to see the big picture and give useful advice to allow for growth.

5. We don't wear cardigans anymore and spend all day sharpening pencils! Accountants are often at the leading edge of integrating technology to make running small businesses easier. Making the most of smart phones, tablets and cloud technology resources are just some areas where an accountant can help to simplify your business operations. 

For more information on how mas accountants as small business accountants in Sydney can team up with your small business to build the business you’d always dreamed of, why not give us a call. No cardigans, we promise!

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