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Customer engagement for retail small businesses

Customer engagement for retail small businesses

As a rapidly expanding accounting practice we are always on the search for better ways of managing processes in our office to not only improve our internal processes but also to free up our internal teams to focus on providing a better quality of service to our new and existing clientele. One such process we are now reviewing is the way we on-board new clients. We don’t think we do this badly, but there’s always room for improvement.

So our message to you as a small business entrepreneur is to always look for ways to improve the processes of your business. Look at this from your customers viewpoint. What could you be doing to make it easier for them to buy from you and then go one step further and ask what can you be doing to make them want to buy more from your business.

Is your shopfront inviting and does it scream what you want it to? Perhaps you may need to create a headline product to get the customers attention. The major retailers and supermarkets are quite good at doing this. Now that you have their attention and hopefully their presence in your store, is your store easy to navigate to find the different product ranges in store? Are your staff actually trained in being able to upsell and again go one step further and reward your staff for being able to increase the dollar value of sales per customer?

Your best customer is one that’s already right in front of you. Of course this also means having the systems in place to monitor this and that’s where cloud technology can play a key role in allowing you to measure real time data at this level.

All of the above assumes that you have already spent considerable time in choosing a great location for your business, have an awesome shopfront, that you’re using social media and your website is designed to drive customers to your physical location or to at least get in touch with you, but as a small business entrepreneur you’ve already taken care of all of these steps right?

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