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A Business Accountant: Finding 'The One'

If you’re a small business owner yourself, you’d find that for the most part, having a business accountant around to take care of your finances is helpful. But, one thing that is undermined and not many will tell you is that it can be hard to find the right business accountant for your small business. Just like how not all businesses operate the same, business accountants vary in expertise. So, how do you make sure that you have found “the one?. Here are a few tips we have collated for you to consider when trying to hire a business accountant.

Setting Your Goals
First things first, you need to understand your business before you ask someone to help you. If you haven’t dedicated some time to sit down and re-evaluate your business then we highly recommend you do that before taking any further steps. Knowing what your goals are to improve your business performance paints a clearer picture to the business accountant about what you need. From there, the accountant will be able to see if what they do can help you achieve your goals or not.

Conduct Thorough Research
Never settle for the first accountant just because the acquisition process was good. Sure, they can be the ones you end up picking in the end but, you need to make sure they are better than the other candidates. Having someone deal with your finances is a big deal so you might want to take your time with it. When you’re looking through different business accountants, it’s also a good idea to see their price and service offerings to see if it aligns with yours and you are able to keep within your budget. You don’t want to take on a business accountant just to have them as a liability rather than an asset.

Is Location An Issue?
This is an issue that often goes unnoticed until the accountant is hired. When you’re looking at hiring someone, think about whether the location will be an issue for you. Given today’s shift to the digital age, geographical location is less of an issue because businesses are able to collaborate online. But, if this is something that you don’t prefer then it’s best to stick within the area.

By hiring a professional accountant, you are putting a big chunk of your financial tasks to someone who can deal with them and help you grow them while you’re sailing your business smoothly. If you are a business looking for a small business accounting firm to lift some load off your shoulders, then M.A.S Partners can help you. As Australia's original accounting firm for small businesses, our team at M.A.S Partners is dedicated to giving you a little time for yourself. If you would like to speak with our team about the services we offer and what we can do for you, call us on (02) 9211 5000 or contact us via our website at


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