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Small Business Accounting: Made Easy For You

Thinking of doing your business accounting work? Accounting is no walk in the park, it’s not something you can just learn overnight and dedicate a few hours every year to do. If you are getting your accounting job started, here are some general tips to make it easier for you.

Get Your Things Organised Properly
This may seem like a really obvious one but we cannot stress how being organised can help you. Think of it like this: in a big corporate firm, there will be different departments that are tasked to do specific things. As the owner, you need to determine which jobs will be suited to which team. Now, imagine these teams are drawers and you can see that sorting out and allocating your jobs and paperwork to different drawers gets the tasks done efficiently and effectively. Organising it when you can just make it that much easier to go back to it if you need to in the future and with accounting, we can almost guarantee you that you’ll need to revisit it.

Meet Deadlines
The best way to know when things are due is through calendars. Being able to meet deadlines is important because if you are not able to, you will find that it can affect other parts of the operation. It also helps you create a timeline of what needs to be done and what your priorities are. So set reminders on your phone or make your calendar physically visible so that you never miss a deadline.

Having An Efficient Cycle
If you have employees, having a cycle will help them anticipate certain things like their payday or when something that frequently happens, is supposed to occur. For you, it’s mainly about financial management. In this sense, it’s about spending all your money on expenses and then not having any left because your cash inflow hasn’t come in yet. It leaves you in a little bit of a pickle as if there are any sort of emergencies, you wouldn’t have the financial stability to respond to it. It’s often a wiser decision if you have a cycle that makes sure that money coming in and out is around the same time so that you are not reaching your financial limit.

Honesty Is The Best Policy
Be honest with yourself and your team. When you’re running a business, we can guarantee you that you will encounter some hiccups along the road and that’s fine but, you need to be honest as to why this happened. It can be daunting looking back and seeing what went wrong but if you don’t want to spot the mistake and learn from it. Being honest also gives you a more realistic view of your business and the direction you are heading in. If it’s good then how can you make it better? If it’s bad then why’s it bad and how can you fix it? There’s no point hiding anything because it won’t do your business any good.

It’s Okay If You Need A Hand
You don’t have to do everything yourself. Having a small business accountant to handle your financial tasks is a wise investment as it means you can focus on running your business to the best of your ability. M.A.S Partners is a specific accounting firm for small businesses in Sydney dedicated to helping you and your business. So if you are a local business and would like to speak with our team about the services we offer and what we can do for you, call us on (02) 9211 5000 or visit our website at

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